The Towers Update

August 30 the largest content update of Mechs V Kaijus to date will be live! I’m very proud of this one, I think it brings a lot of new things to the game making it more interesting and fixing many reported issues. :steamhappy:

This update includes:

5 New Towers:

Prism-A Tower: (Destructible: Mk1: 1000HP – Mk2: 1550HP – Mk3: 2500HP – Shield Upgrade)
A Ray tower with devastating power, and the biggest area of damage in the game. This tower could be the most powerful or the most useless. It’s a tricky tower to use. It is the first tower that must be pointed manually to get the most out of it. An example is to place it in the lowest part of the map pointing to the line of walls, this way you can attack the entire line of defense.

The Flamethrower: (Destructible: Mk1: 750HP – Mk2: 1000HP – Mk3: 1500HP – No shield)
If the Grinder works better in front of a wall the Flamethrower does it behind it. It has a greater damage area than the grinder and more damage, but it does not slow down the Kaijus.

The Tank Factory: (Destructible: Mk1: 500HP – Mk2: 750HP – Mk3: 950HP – No shield)
This construction introduces a new mechanics to the world of MKV: the production of units. The tank factory Mk2 and Mk3 produces the most powerful new tanks: The Maus Tank from Germany and the Armageddon Tank from Russia, this last one armed with dual cannons and anti air rockets. This factory is very weak and must be protected from the kaiju attacks.

Artillery: (Destructible: Mk1: 450HP – Mk2: 750HP – Mk3: 1000HP – No shield)
The artillery is the tower with the greatest range to date, specially the Mark 3, and great destructive power. It can only attack forward and within an area. You can not attack kaijus who are too close, so it is recommended to put them in the last line of defense. It is not very precise, it has problems with the very fast Kaijus, but if they are stopped by a wall they are doomed.

Sam Site: (Destructible: Mk1: 1000HP – Mk2: 1500HP – Mk3: 2000HP – Shield Upgrade)
The sam site has a much greater reach than the anti-air tower. Shoot 2 to 4 guided missiles with devastating damage and an even greater damage area. Designed to kill large enemy formations and Category 4 Flying Kaijus, it struggles to hit small fast targets.


The Special Ops:

The Salvo Hotel: (Difficulty level: 3/10)

First Special Ops, 15 waves of enemies will try to destroy the Salvo Hotel. The low amount of building nodes for the towers in this one makes imperative that you choose wisely and keep an eye on the upgrades.

The Customs Office: (Difficulty level: 4/10)

This mission is designed to accustom the commander in the fight against the flying Kaijus, before the very difficult mission of Pokio HouseHolds. It has a good amount of construction nodes with a clear line for the walls.

The Park: (Difficulty level: 4.5/10)

The Central Park is the first screen in Horde mode outside of the challenges. Here the kaijus do not come by waves, but the different types of kaijus come all mixed in waves that merge with each other making an infinite stream of kaijus.
It is a good practice before the Battle of Pokio Plaza, which functions in the same modality.

Line of Defence: (Difficulty level: 6/10)

In line of Defense we must defend a UN tank factory where Russia is finishing developing the Armageddon Tank, which the player can use later in the campaign once unlocked.
This map will be almost a trench war where you will have to fight for every centimeter (or inch). This special operation also has the extended battlefield, where the commander will be able to pan the camera to expand his vision of the battle.

Island Jump: (Difficulty level: 8.5/10)

This is probably the strangest map of MVK, few places to build distributed on small islands with a central road very difficult to defend since all the land kaijus concentrated on this point. A great challenge only for the best commanders.

Enter WestWood: (Difficulty level: 8/10)

This battle unfolds north of Westwood Island already taken by the Kaijus. It is a great battlefield where we will have a lot of space to build and use the new towers with greater reach. This is where we will find the full power of the kaijus.


This update brings not so conventional towers as the artillery or the Prism-a tower, for this and at the request of the players we could not delay the displayed range and area of attack of the towers.

Also all the new towers tier 2 are destructible like the walls. For this reason we have changed the graphic of the life bars to make them more visible and differentiate them better from the bars of the Kaijus.

There is again the option to change the difficulty in the OPTIONS menu!


Finally we found the line of code that could block the upgrades of the mechs and we have corrected it!
We also fixed a bug that occasionally resets the unlock of missions when an update is made.

Maybe some will lose the Odin upgrades in the update, last time. This can happen through the update of the save system.

Fixed a bug that erased some waves of missions, this happens more critically in the Titan challenges, making that sometimes they did not appear. Now they are working correctly.


This is just too long and boring to put it here! hehehe… If you guys and girls wanna find out about the small changes please let me know and i will do another post.


After this update I feel more confident about the game, without break game problems and also that there is enough content to sit down and finish writing episode 2, something everyone is asking for.

Maybe there are some minor updates with problem solutions if there is any, or a new mission, but now I will put the attention in 3 things. The realization of the episode The Kaiju Wars, and the new Mercenaries Mechs and Odin’s new custom weapon system.

These are the features most requested by you in the player survey made a few months ago and I intend to deliver them all. I want to make Mechs V Kaijus one of the best Tower Defense Game that has been made, so it takes me more time than I thought. I am very grateful to all the fans that have approached Discord to report bugs, give feedback and always support with the best attitude.

Thank you all for your support.

Nacho Mancebo, Doble Punch Games.