Hello everyone! The results of the quiz are already starting to gather enough data of what you want for Mechs V Kaijus! (If you did not, you can still fill it here:
Your feedback is crucial to define the order of the new Mechs content and the future updates of the game, this is the idea of early access!
For now what you wanted the most is episode 2, plus towers, more mechs and a custom weapons system for Odin. All this will arrive at mechs V Kaijus this year, but the first thing that comes as new content are more towers! In addition to a wiki to know well how to use them, something that many asked for.

Prism: The Prism tower fires a beam that cuts everything in its path, it can even push and move the Kaijus from their place. It is very special since it is the first tower that allows you to reorientate your cannon in 360 ° directly by the commander, opening many possibilities. If well used, it can be probably the most powerful tower in the game.

Flamethrower: Especially effective behind the walls, they create a perfect constant damage area to eliminate kaijus category, 1,2,3,4 and 5. The last level of the tower rotates its cannon, to cover a larger area.

Artillery: Long-range tower exclusively. The Artillery is the tower with greater attack distance and greater destructive power. Especially effective on large maps. A point is that it is very fragile and has a wide enough blind spot not being able to attack nearby enemies.

Tank Factory: Fabricates tanks every time interval. But if you manage to keep the tanks alive enough time for their numbers to grow, you can overwhelm the kaijus with your numbers and push the battle line. Enough defending, now it’s time to attack! The new model are mcuh cooler than this one! hehe.


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