December Update

Hello everyone! So, news time!

First of all, we have a new partnership with Sure Fire Games to bring Mechs V Kaijus to China next year! So, yey!! Our first publishing deal! We are very happy and with high hopes for the future! With a little luck this deal will help me to get some help to finish the game by mid 2019!

Also with this, the game is going to be translated to chinese, which implies localizing all the text in the game… :steamfacepalm: A thing that originally was not planned and is taking now a lot of extra work. But there is good news because of this: the game will be ready to be translated into other lenguages with your help!
FRENCH and SPANISH are the next in the line thanks to my girlfriend EleonorGamer88 Big shout out there! :steamhappy:
But also GERMAN, RUSSIAN, JAPANESE, KOREAN, SWEDEN, PORTUGUESE and ITALIAN are in our plans, as soon as someone from thouse countries wants to help me! hehe. So, if you want to help me translating the game to your native lenguage please join our discord, twit me at @DoblePunchGames or add me as a friend on Steam!


The next and last official update untill The Kaiju Wars, and will be introducing Kenji and his mech AEGIS from Japan. Will be some experimental updates and beta testing build of the new mechanics for episode 2, in the Beta section of the game.

AEGIS’s got a Laser Shotgun or Rifle, I am testing that now. It is a single target, high DPS Mech, with short range and an awesome shield! He is the new Tank, he can withstand many many shots and go toe to toe against the kaijus.

New Mechanics:

Landing Bay:

Now that we got finally more than two mechs, you will need to choose which mechs will join you in the battlefield. Some mechs are better for some missions and some for others. In the future there will be Anti Air Mechs or Melee Mechs! Ohh yes! Let’s punch Kaijus in the face!! :steammocking:

Mech Platform Tower:

This is going to be a very late tech as you guys can see. But the idea is once you unlock this tower, you can make the mech jump to that tower and move forward the defense line. Just like in a trench warfare.

The platform level 1 will be stronger that a level 1 wall, but it will have much greater life as it is upgrated to level 2 and 3. Still balancing that…

  • If the platform is destroyed, the mech will jump back to the Base Wall.
  • If you sell the platform, the same will ocurr.
  • If the mech is destroyed, it will jump back to the “Hell Carrier” and will not be available for the rest of the battle.

Until now, there is no penalty to the player for losing the mech, but I am thinking in creating the need to spend gold to fix the mech if it’s destroyed before it can be used again in the next battle. What do you guys and girls think about that, any ideas?

And off course it ‘s going to be a new Armor upgrade to the mechs.

Lastely, I’m gonna do a big fix off in all the small bugs you guys and girls pointed to me in the Steam page, so if you find any other bugs… now is the Time.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and happy kaiju hunting!:steamhappy: