December Update

Hello everyone! So, news time! First of all, we have a new partnership with Sure Fire Games to bring Mechs V Kaijus to China next year! So, yey!! Our first publishing deal! We are very happy and with high hopes for the future! With a little luck this deal will help me to get some […]

The Towers Update

August 30 the largest content update of Mechs V Kaijus to date will be live! I’m very proud of this one, I think it brings a lot of new things to the game making it more interesting and fixing many reported issues.  This update includes: 5 New Towers: Prism-A Tower: (Destructible: Mk1: 1000HP – Mk2: […]


Hello everyone! The results of the quiz are already starting to gather enough data of what you want for Mechs V Kaijus! (If you did not, you can still fill it here: Your feedback is crucial to define the order of the new Mechs content and the future updates of the game, this is the […]