About the Game

About the Game

From the deeps of the earth, the giant Kaiju horde is marching toward Pokyo City and you are the last line of defense!

Take control of the powerful battle mech Odin and command the forces of humanity against the relentless waves of monsters on Mechs v Kaijus an action-packed tower defense. Use a combination of strategy and the brute force of the mechs to survive. Upgrade your defenses, unlock new abilities, research new technologies and hire mercenaries to help you fight. Follow the chronicles of the mysterious T.R.O.S. corporation and the defense of the city. From the outskirts to the very heart of Pokyo city, and get ready to enter the wastelands of the Kaijus on the survival mode. Each level will present a new challenge to your strategy with a variety of gameplay objectives and diverse landscapes. Use everything on your arsenal, adapt you strategy and you might survive the Kaiju invasion.




  • “...I am a fan of feeling awesome. MVK’s premise is a quick and dirty way to generate that feeling, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve to help. The best moments, though, are when you summon your defences from the skies. Time slows as you open the building menu, and each wall and turret slams into the ground instantly via a drop pod: there’s no faffing around with build times.”
    Matt Cox

    Matt Cox

    Rock Paper Shotgun

  • “It’s a fun and addictive fusion of tower defense and kaiju blasting arcade action that shows a lot of potential. The pixel artwork is excellent, there’s a nice selection of upgrades and the gameplay is fast and frantic .”
    Calum Fraser

    Calum Fraser

    Alpha Beta Gamer

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    Nacho Mancebo juega videojuegos desde que tiene memoria. Su contacto temprano con la tecnología a los dos años de edad lo acercó a un mundo que lo fascinó y lo llevóen su niñez a desafiar a sus hermanos con la creación de pantallas en el editor de mapas de Warcraft y una nueva religión: pasar todo en […]

  • December Update

    Hello everyone! So, news time! First of all, we have a new partnership with Sure Fire Games to bring Mechs V Kaijus to China next year! So, yey!! Our first publishing deal! We are very happy and with high hopes for the future! With a little luck this deal will help me to get some […]

  • The Towers Update

    August 30 the largest content update of Mechs V Kaijus to date will be live! I’m very proud of this one, I think it brings a lot of new things to the game making it more interesting and fixing many reported issues.  This update includes: 5 New Towers: Prism-A Tower: (Destructible: Mk1: 1000HP – Mk2: […]

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